About us

 Vedaguru organizes Ayurveda Yoga Retreats, Training and Panchakarma in India and Italy.

Veda means wisdom, a guru who has great knowledge and is qualified in certain areas, using their knowledge to guide others.

Wayanad is Shajeer and Carola’s favourite location since they can be close to aboriginal tribes and their unique lifestyle having lived here for thousands of years. Wayanad is situated in the lap of Western Ghats, where time stands still, immersed in velvet hills and valleys, mist clad mountains, mysterious caves and jungle trails; and historical ruins and excavation reveal the rich cultural heritages of Wayanad. Carving in the Edakkal caves even date back to the Neolithic civilization.

At Vedaguru, we believe in the enrichment of living standards of modern civilization through indigenous, traditional knowledge of the Vedas. This knowledge originated in the ancient Vedic civilizations and has been handed down from each generation to the next and are, to this day, still being practiced in the local community. Vedaguru aims to be a bridge between ancient culture and modern civilization. To help carry this ancient knowledge forward so that our modern society can benefit from its populaces’ individual power. We at Vedaguru are committed to being a helping hand, improving the Socioeconomic living circle of our modern civilizations.

Forget for a time your past and your origins; you are entering into a different world. We hope that at the end of this experience you will have something invaluable to carry with you always. With Vedaguru you will have the opportunity to learn about tribal communities, to walk in the forest and spice plantations, observe the life of wild animals and to taste authentic Indian food. All to discover your true nature.
With Vedaguru prepare to tantalize all of your five senses: Vision: observe wild animals: elephants, tigers, sambar, spotted deer, Indian bison, rare birds, butterflies and plants. Hearing: the song of tropical birds and the sounds of frogs and crickets will sing you a lullaby at night, greet you with a song in the morning and accompany you throughout the day. Smell: breathe air scented with vanilla and cardamom, smell the wild roses and orchids, be delighted by the scent of spices and Ayurvedic herbs. Touch: feel the rough skin of the elephant, embrace the trees and allow your skin and tissue to be soothed by Ayurvedic massageTaste: journey across India from north to south delighting in its cuisines; delicious dishes prepared with organic ingredients. When you sit down with an Indian dish all five senses are engaged!

The children’s smiles, the kindness of the local people, the indigenous people’s eyes are the experiences will remain in our hearts.

The teachers in INDIA are local gurus who have received the knowledge preserved from generation to generation. They speak only their local language Malayalam so we provide an English translator who will accompany you throughout the course. Our centre is not a learning institute where the lessons are classroom based and read from books – they are hands-on, offering you the opportunity to discover things yourself through experience and through your own eyes. A life changing experience.

Padinjhathara Parameshwaran,Vaidya, started at the age of 11 years with his grandfather, Valeyudhan Vaidya, expert in Panchakarma and Ayurvedic treatments. He practises his profession of Vaidya at his medical practice; analyses the patient through pulse diagnosis and personal consultation.

Shajeer Kizhakkekara, a native of Wayanad in Kerala, is an intermediary between the local culture and Vedaguru. He also worked as a cook in various parts of India, Dubai and Italy. He, with Carola Altea, founded Vedaguru Educational and Charitable Trust in India and he is responsible for its management. In search of himself and of his essence and values, he ​​is the bridge between the indigenous and Western culture and wants to open up from the mental point of view to create a connection between these two worlds. He built a tribal village with the use of natural materials and Vedaguru Educational and Charitable Trust supports this work. Shajeer is also Vice-president of Vedaguru Association in Italy.

Preetha (Yoga teacher)
She belongs to a traditional Hindu lineage of vedic scholers. She started to learn and experience
yogic life from her childhood itself. She was also shown much interest in Sanskrit language. Preetha
is having master’s degree in Sanskrit and her profound knowledge and insight in this Vedic language
is outstanding. She lead yoga classes for all levels from beginners to advanced level for over 14 years

Dr Vandana
Dr Vandana is practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery. She completed her graduation from
JSS Ayurveda College at Mysore. She had been rendering her services with prestigious Kottakkal Aryavaidya sala hospital as consultant physician. She is specialized in Panchakarma procedure and treatments and her insight and knowledge in this is really remarkable.

Saradha Amma
She is the chieftess of a tribal clan called Moopa in Wayanad district of Kerala.Her village is located near Karapuzha lake in Wayanad.She do also having deep exposure to tribal medicine and herbal extracts. She is having great dexterity and skill to make herbal medicinal oil.

Martin Roy
He worked with various retreats in India and abroad. He Passionate environmental and humanity projects in the urban areas and with Vedaguru from the beginning.

Vishnu prakash
He is working with the local communities, writer and poet. The one who has profound knowledge on Vedic astrology; he is the responsible person for vedaguru clinic.

Baby chechi
Our chef, the one you will find always with a smile, the one who grow up in wayanad, an excellent knowledge in the local cuisine. Also she is a best farmer.

The one who having the responsibilities with office.
Vanaja and Sheeba, our nighbour who help for cleaning the house.

Cheeru Soman, oils and preparations. Cheeru Paniya belongs to the community and lives in the village where Shajeer grew up – the one who prepares oils and remedies for the tribal community.

Vishnumaya travels.

Our travel agent, help you with all your transportation.

In Past other teachers collaborate with Vedaguru :

Maladhi Balakrishna, therapist and teacher of Ayurveda. After graduating as an Ayurvedic therapist, she worked several years at Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala.

Gopal Krishnan, a teacher of Hatha yoga and pranayama. He studied at the Bihar School of Yoga founded in 1964 by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. In addition to collaborating with the  Vedaguru Centre he also teaches in middle and high schools in Wayanad.

Ibrahim Gurukkal, Kalari teacher, teaches Kalaripayat at his centre in Kalpetta for children aged 3 years and over. He has a studio where he prepares oils and herbal remedies for Kalari treatments for his patients with fractures, joint pain and joint problems in general.

In Italy

Carola Altea deals with the management and organization of courses and projects for Vedaguru India nd Italy. After a trip to India in 2008, attracted by Ayurvedic medicine, by the powers of nature and her passion for anthropology, she has studied indigenous and ancient cultures present in Wayanad in Kerala. She worked for years in Greece learning the culture and the mysteries of the Cyclades. She lived in Italy in the Alps where she rediscovered the ancient traditions and cults. In India she studied Ayurveda, Pranic healing, yoga and meditation teachers and joined centres for the treatment and healing sessions. She has travelled to many parts of the world forever seeking the essence of herself, nature and local traditions. She is the Secretary of Vedaguru Association. Yoga Teacher with Yoga alliance Australia/Italy 500hr.

Mariangela Pascale, masseuse and therapist since 2000. She is open and always looking to improve by studying. She uses multiple techniques in her work (Hot Stone Therapy Massage, Watsu, Ayurvedic Massage, Deep Tissue, Slimming, Anti-Stress and Energetic). She studied in Italy and in India, specialising in attention to people: the skills and competencies of communication and relationships are the basis of every her interaction. She is the President of Vedaguru Association.

Elena Martorella, yoga teacher and therapist. She has a passion for business and often travels to places like Mexico, India, South America, Africa and Australia in search of knowledge and new life experiences. She has also worked as a yoga teacher in Morocco and in Greece as a therapist. In India, she has been able to learn Ayurveda in greater depth; the art of massage, treatments and yoga. The branch that she follows is Hatha yoga, traditional to India and learned using western education given by the School of Turin ISYCO at the Institute for the Study of Yoga and Oriental Culture, where she graduated from.

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