Accomodation Sardinia Capo Camp

Our holiday home has been called Capo Camp in honor of the promontory of Capo Mannu, on which it is located.

With its 1600 square meters beachfront, with surrounding land of about 5000 meters with indoor sports facilities, the property caters to families, to each type of group, to practice any kind of sports or simply to spend a holiday by the beautiful sea of ​​Sardinia.

The Head Camp organizes summer camps for multisport wonderful holiday for families, adults or children, so they can get closer to the sport in a fun and completely safe manner.

Where we are

A few kilometers from Oristano, on the west coast, we find the town of San Vero Milis in Sa Rocca Tunda in the heart of the Sinis, surrounded by clear blue sea, in a natural park of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia.

Our Head Camp is located in the center of the beautiful promontory of Capo Mannu where are the best spots of Sardinia now famous around the world, obligatory destination for surfers passing through the Mediterranean.


To all our members and members are available double , triple , quadruple , with private bathroom, large communal kitchen – run as a guesthouse by the shareholders – veranda with sea view in full marine style, where the attention to the environment and the protection of myself am part of the furniture.

A wonderful chill-out room to get together after long days at the beach on comfy sofas with tables and historic photos on the walls, an indoor gym for physical training, stretching sessions, soccer field with synthetic grass opposite the beach with showers and changing rooms.


At the indoor schools you can participate in lessons surf , sup , yoga and sailing , with Federal instructors ISA, IVF, while at the outer schools are active Kite courses, Windsurf, Canoe and Bike.

Here at Capo Mannu in addition to sports, thanks to our local guides you can discover the true taste of Sardinia, the gastronomic products and traditional cuisine. Nestled in a unique environment between white beaches, archaeological sites and breathtaking scenery, it offers a variety of excursions and amazing activities: mountain bike, canoe, Nuraghi, Spa.