Kalaripayattu Training Course India

KALARIPPAYATTU is a Kerala Traditional Health and Martial Art System.

Kalarippayattu is ancient as the land of Kerala. Kalari is the place were training is imparted and payattu means actions or combat. This is a unique system of martial art for physical wellbeing and self-defense. This is perhaps the only martial art system in the world with a well-developed medical system for treatment of all kinds of injuries.
Kalarippayattu is consider the mother of all martial art forms in the world. An intricate blen of physical culture training is without parallel in the world.


The main courses in Kalarippayattu training are Maippayattu (body control exercise), Kettukari (Actions with a small staff), Muchan (Three span staff), Otta ( Short curved staff), Kadaram (Dagger), Valum Parichayum (Sword and shield), Kuntham (Spear), Gada (mace),Urumi (Flexible sword), Verum Kai (Unarmed fight with an armed opponent) etc..


Kalari treatments is an integral part of the Kalari tradition. It is mainly used to treat sprains, fractures, cuts and similar injuries. It was developed initially as a system to treat developed into a full-fledged system of medicine with special forms for orthopedic, physical fitness and rejuvenator applications. The Marma (Vital point) system of treatment is unique and an exclusive realm of medicine developed by the ancient leaders of Kalarippayattu.


A unique system of massage was developed by the kalari Treatment, intended for general health applications and for specific aliments.
These massages covers the marmas (vital energy points), rejuvenate the body, improves body immunity and tones up the entire body. There are 3 different type of massages:
Sukha Thirummu (Traditional massage for body freshness and relax)
Chavitty Thirummu (Foot massage: High pressure (using feet)
Raksha thirummu: Treatment massage: right type of massage for various ailments,
such as back pain, muscle pain, nervous weakness, rheumatism etc..