Program Sardinia Retreat

Day 1       Saturday

Welcome to Sardinia
Settle in and relax with the option to receive an “Arts of Touch” massage
18,00        Group introduction
20,00       Dinner
Day 2        Sunday
7,45          Hatha Yoga
9,30          Breakfast
11,30 Cooking class and lunch
17,00         Outdoor activity

Walk along the Capo Manno cliff to enjoy the beautiful sunset accompanied by a  meditation practice (walking around 80 minutes)
Aperitif  at sunset
Day 3      Monday
7,45          Hatha Yoga
9,30          Breakfast
10,30 Outdoor activity
Drive to San Salvatore Hypogeum and the Phoenician-Punic city of Tharros. The church dedicated to San Salvatore rises above an ancient underground temple.
During the Nuragic age a sacred well was excavated to enable water worship; in thePunic period the area was dedicated to Sid, the healing god; the Romans practiced the cult of Asclepius here; in the Christian age, this holy place was dedicated to worshipping theSaviour.
A few kilometers further away is the archaeological site of Tharros. The remains of this town (which was once a thriving centre) and its position on the isthmus of Capo San Marco, with a splendid view of the Gulf of Oristano fascinate the visitor.
Free time on a beautiful beach
Head back to the Hotel
20,00 Dinner
Day 4     Tuesday
8,00   Breakfast
8,30    Outdoor activity
We will take an amazing walk along the enchanted cliffs of Sinis. Early spring is wonderful as wild flowers brighten the verdant landscape while flocks of migrating gorgeous pink flamingo swarm to the lagoons.
We will arrive at one of the peninsula’s most famous beaches, Is Aruttas, known as the beach of the rice grains – small colourful grains of quartz in a crystal clear sea.
We suggest lunch in a restaurant at Mari Ermi or Is Arrutas
Relax on the beach
18,00  Hatha Yoga and Meditation
20,00 Dinner
Day 5     Wednesday
7,45    Yoga
9,00    Breakfast
Relax on the beach with the option to receive “Arts of Touch” treatment
16,00 Outdoor activity – Holy Well of Santa Cristina
“In Sardinia, since prehistoric times and particularly during the Nuragic civilization,”sacred wells” rose and buildings dedicated to the divinities of the waters. Water is from always considered sacred, since it is a source of life, there are rites in which immersion in water symbolizes rebirth, initiation, the starting point of a new path, total regeneration not only of the body, but also of the spirit and the soul ”
A treasure of Sardinian history full of magnetism, charm and mystery.
Inside the park, through ancient ancient olive trees, you visit the well religious archaeological heritage of Sardinia Nuragica.

Here ceremonials were held linked precisely to the cult of water, every eighteenand a half years, when the declination of the moon is maximum, the hole at the top of the building allows the star to mirror itself on the water of the well.
The moon is exactly perpendicular to the well
During the equinoxes (autumn and spring) the sun is reflected.
20,00 Free Dinner
Day 6     Thursday
7,45    Hatha Yoga
9,00    Breakfast
10,30 Outdoor activity
Drive and walk to a magical waterfall,
Walking around the medieval townof Santo Lussurgio
Head back to the Hotel
Day 7    Friday – Depart
7,45   Breakfast and Departure
with a big smile on your face

In order to have the possibility to fully enjoy your holiday, lunch and two dinner are not included in the package.

You will be able to try out nearby restaurants, or join us for dinnerat a friend’s house at an extra cost.

In your free time you can sunbath in the crystal clear sea, relax and walk on the marvellous beaches of the Sinis Peninsula.

Summary of Coursal activities

5 Daily Hatha Yoga Sessions

5 Outdoor activities

 We include 3 dinners and 1 Aperitif at sunset

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