Review Kerala

I spent a long time among the nice people from Vedaguru… I went 2 times in India in Kerala to practice and learn…

Review by Antonella Cervellera, Italy

I did a course of Ayurvedic massage and yoga about a year ago, at this beautiful property set literally in the heart of the jungle .. beautiful places, with the guidance and the kitchen of Shajeer, the ‘teacher ayurveda always has a smile Company the group with whom I shared the course, can not fault it really well! The rooms very nice and welcoming .. I recommend anyone who wants to try this fantastic experience!

Review by Renato from Rome, Italy:

“The place is amazing and we were really glad to have met this cross-section of India that reminds us so much of an ancient land of great knowledge, as in the film “Ayurveda” .This place is ‘very special, with beautiful nature and really wonderful scenery. Shajeer is really good, enthusiastic and inspiring whilst Mr Roy is an angel and always available”

Review by Alessandra Aimonetto from Milan, Italy:

“It is truly a paradise here. I will forever remember the good and warm experience and it remains in my heart!! Even though I have returned to Italy (do not want to think of it), it is certainly not the last time that I’m there! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, wonderful people and magical places… you’ll always be in my heart! Thank you thanks a bunch!”

Review by Maria Luisa Peliti from Rome, Italy:

“The pain of leaving wonderful India has started immediately on our way back to Rome. It was a wonderful experience as I found more than what I expected, even for the course. It was nice to know the wonderful people who have accompanied us on our journey. 9999Your center is a magical place. Now that I’m back here at home, one good lesson learnt is to change perspective. Experience the serenity and the profound spirituality that permeate life in Kerala – it helps one to see any problem in perspective and to go deeper into the things that really matter. Without Shajeer’s teachings, it would definitely not be possible.Staying here for two weeks as part of a beautiful community, it was like being with family and I don’t feel like a tourist at all. Malathi and Gopal, in addition to their teachings, convey the love, joy and serenity of yoga. Wonderful experience … Am planning and looking forward to the next trip already!! Thanks a lot!!!”

Review by Barbara Brandi:

10 out of 10
“After one month since my return to Italy I still live and cherish the memory … the rich nature surrounding your place, the good massages by Malathi, the kitchen and the infinite availability of Shajeer! As well as the pleasure of being in contact with people of different nationalities. Beautiful and relaxing experience!!”