Tour in Apulia

Included in our one week program 3 tour in the following place:

On a pleasant hill of the Murgia, just 6 km from Cozze Village, Conversano is immersed in the fertile countryside that surrounds it. Characteristic is its historic center that is divided into three parts (the medieval city, Casalvecchio and Casalnuovo) on which stands the Castello Aragonese, in a position able to dominate the entire surrounding area to the sea, overlooking the ancient and off the court, a large irregularly shaped square, a focal point of city life. In addition, the Basilica and the many churches retain the signs of the religious power, including stories of bishops and abbesses in centuries-old struggle.

Castellanna Grotte
Located 10 km from Cozze, The Caves of Castellana are considered the most complex of caves’ important Italian and in Europe: is the wealth of crystalline concretions, such as the remarkable extent and breadth of spectacular natural galleries to the caves of Puglia this record. They are the result of the erosive action of an ancient underground river that has carved and shaped for centuries the limestone rock of which it is composed murgia. Their discovery dates back to 1938 by the caver Franco Anelli. Nowadays about three miles of underground passages, divided into two distinct pathways that gradually reveal to the visitor beautiful scenery: huge stalagmites and stalactites, large caves decorated by an incredible variety of shapes and colors as the White Cave, Cave of ‘altar, the Cave of the Dome and the Passage of the Nativity, where you can admire a stalagmite resembling Mother Mary actually called the Madonna of the Caves.

Polignano a mare
Located 4 km from Cozze, Polignano a mare is the “pearl of the Adriatic”, a sublime combination between the blue sea and the cliffs of the ancient polignano borgo silhouetted against the blue with a sheer evocative and breathtaking. An oasis to discover the rich province of Bari, where trulli and the caves they find their natural outlet to the sea in the village of Domenico Modugno, through the alleys of history, terraces and balconies embellished by the charm of the time. Won the coveted Blue Flag award and 4 sails of Legambiente, Polignano a Mare has great hospitality of its people, its traditions and folklore to accommodate tourists. And evening dresses up with the color of its cliffs for thousands of years handed down to the sounds and the charm of Puglia. In the historic center of Polignano a Mare, the time has stopped to give way to the sound of the sea, its intense aroma, with its bright colors. The balconies, set in the cliff, open unexpected among the narrow streets and corners of the old town, to give authentic emotions.

Located 15 miles from Conversano in the Valle d’Itria tick here houses fairy tale. “I wake up and I see a land of dreams, as setrulli asleep yet,” wrote enchanted Gabriele D’Annunzio in front of the trulli of Alberobello. The trulli are a spell of architecture, poor and ingenious solution with the stone once overflowing and without price. Lamine resting on the shelf of one another, in circles ever closer to the final funnel. A masterpiece of statics. With an air chamber that is formed between a chianca and the other to absorb the changes in temperature and to keep it constant. So i trulli, cool in summer and warm in the winter, are the first example of natural insulation. And the so-called “passivity” of the structure is able to absorb even the most violent shocks of earthquake. An unreal world and sweet as a caress, a symbol of the spirituality of “slow time,” a time to keep. So many naive yearning to touch perfection transcendence. The trullo was a self-sufficient dwelling for the life and work of men and animals. And those mysterious symbols on the cones are a praise to the Lord or an invocation of protection facing the sun. Trulli of Alberobello and Valle d’Itria as withdrawal of silence and beauty, a “Venice of the stone” to the eternal glory of Puglia.

Extra tour available like Locorotondo, Ostuni, Matera, Lecce etc

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